Delivering Coffee to Your Break Room

Increase productivity in your workplace by creating a great coffee experience. Encourage employees to stay on-site when they would otherwise leave to grab a coffee or take a break.

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How much coffee to order?

Start by counting your number of coworkers. Offices drink an average of two cups of coffee per person.
Multiply the number of coworkers by 2, that is your office's average daily coffee consumption

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We love how fast we get our coffee and the ease of delivery. It’s wonderful having everything you need just show up at your doorstep!

Carrie L.

Marketing Lead, Twitter
Flavia Creation 600

Our productivity has increased by being able to order everything we need for our break rooms online and not have to send people out to run errands anymore. Coffee-Orders has been a game changer!

Geoffrey C.

Company Name
Flavia Creation 600

The variety of consumables that offers is extremely valuable to us and keeps everyone in our offices happy.

Peter H.

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Flavia Creation 600

Post COVID,  we were looking for a coffee service that did not require a lot of traffic coming through our office. provided the exact solution we were looking for.

Kathleen F.

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Flavia Creation 600

The responsiveness and service of the team has been very impressive. Glad to have switched over!

Rick M.

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Serving breakrooms across the United States.

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